Our Mission.

The mission of the Office, consistent with that of the College, is to advance the use of technology in all aspects of the College's operations, to strengthen support services, teaching, and research.

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Technology Highlights.

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Infrastructure & Wireless

The networking team concentrated on infrastructure upgrades with the installation of new firewalls. In addition, we now have redundant network fiber paths out of the College connecting to the CUNY ring for Internet to provide true high availability. What this means is if one of the fibers is cut, all traffic will reroute out to the other fiber without downtime. Concentrating on the wireless network, we have expanded the ClearPass Access Management System to include students for faster and easier access. ClearPass allows for faculty and staff to simultaneously log into multiple devices as well as the ability to stay connected with these devices for seven days without having to re-authenticate. Students are allowed (2) simultaneous logins as well as the ability to stay connected with these devices for one day without having to re-authenticate. We have also expanded wireless coverage with an additional 46 Access Points (AP’s). In addition, OITS repaired several outside AP’s to provide better coverage in key areas. In total, we now have 308 AP’s across campus. We will continue to deploy AP’s based on the IT survey as well work to provide coverage for outdoor spaces. This includes outside wireless where we began installing access points on some of the blue lights. Infrastructure upgrades continue as we replaced major core switches housed in 2A, 4N and 1N, as well as installation of additional (54) Power over Ethernet access switches at various locations. These enhancements will improve network connectivity throughout the campus. Finally, let’s not forget to mention St. George. Significant work was spent at CSI’s new satellite location in preparation for the start of the fall semester.

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Information Technology Services Survey

At the end of the Spring 2017 semester, we administered an Information Technology Services Survey. The survey was created to offer the College community an opportunity to provide feedback on the technology services offered to the College. A report on the survey can be found here.

CSI Intranet Reports and graphs

Applications and Web Development

The launch of the new CSI website made its debut! The new design brings many attributes that were not available on our old website such as ease of navigation, intuitive design, responsive to mobile technology, Content Management System (Drupal), and standard templates. IT continues to work with the Web Steering Committee for the rollout of new features, which will include ADA compliance. OITS also worked closely with Enrollment Management to provide additional data files and reports in support of the online dashboard. Some newest editions include the “Enrollment Dashboard” which provides daily registration analysis comparisons for numerous student categories, the Emergency Student Location Report as well as B & G service location report. New registration and roster reports have been developed as well for supporting the St. George students.

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The Information Technology Services in collaboration with the Office of the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs has formed a CSI Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). This year’s accomplishments included adding goals to the Information Technology Strategic Plan, the formation of an electronic communication broadcast policy, the implementation of CSI’s text messaging platform “RAVE”, and the testing of MyFiles, CSI’s secure on campus version of dropbox.

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My Files

MyFiles is a file storage system that provides the ability to store files and then share the files with other people both on and off campus. You can access the system by using your FLAS credentials.

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RAVE Text Messaging

Rave is a text messaging system in which you can send text alerts to students regarding advisement information, bursar information, college schedule updates, financial aid information and more. Students must opt-in to the system to receive text messages.

Access voicemals using Microsoft Outlook


Following up on the feedback from last year’s Technology Training Survey, the training team has expanded the training curriculum to include MS One Note, Visio and Adobe Photoshop. Registering for sessions is now easier with the creation of a Training Calendar. The system displays a monthly calendar of training sessions as well as sends reminders to participants about their upcoming training sessions.

High Performance Computing Center at The College of Staten Island

HPCC Faculty Portfolio

Work has begun on creating the HPCC Faculty Portfolio in order to highlight accomplishments and published works from faculty using the HPCC. For more information visit the HPCC Faculty Portfolio.

2017 - 2018 Priorities.

Rapid and increasing changes in the evolution and landscape of technology shortens the window for accurate long range forecasting and planning. OTS recognizes these challenges and is committed to providing technology services and solutions relevant and aligned with the priorities of the College of Staten Island. Below is a high-level overview of OIT priorities for 2017-2018

Homepage of the CSI Website


As we move into Phase II, ITS will be working with the College community to ensue training for updating pages. Also, included in Phase II will be ADA compliance (Level AA), Library, HPCC, remaining Faculty profiles and Academic Department sites managed and housed on other servers, calendar and events, CSI today, and mobile app. OITS will be exploring a different vendor to complete this phase.

Chalkboard drawing of information security practices

Wireless and Infrastructure

OITS Networking team will focus on providing CSI a truly high available network. We will be deploying an additional (32) Power over Ethernet access switches in preparation for the Telecom VOIP phone migration. We will also be adding redundant network connections to each telecom closet along with new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). As bring your own device (B.Y.O.D) continues to grow, we will continue to deploy new state-of-the-art access point’s (AP’s) to allow our Students, Faculty, and Staff to use their wireless devices on campus.

Helpdesk Image / Self Service Kiosk

Self Service Kiosk

In order to provide students access to anytime learning opportunities, ITS has initiated the acquisition of self-service Laptop Kiosk system that will facilitate the borrowing of laptops by students without the need of staff and unrestrained by service point hours. The kiosk will be completely self-contained and handle all aspects of the transaction in a secure and expedient manner.

Collage of many phones and movile devices


Information Technology Services is in the process of evaluating upgrade options to CSI’s phone system. The extensive network infrastructure upgrades will greatly improve enhancement capabilities. CSI’s data/voice infrastructure has expanded to new locations in St. George and building 2M. Voice communication for new locations are VoIP.

By the Numbers.

Applicaion Development

Website Migration

  • 2,500 web pages manually migrated to the new site.
  • 1,500 PDFs migrated which are currently being restructured for ADA compliance. (Accessible for people with accessibility issues).
  • 400 faculty profiles migrated


  • 469  Network requests closed
  • 54  Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches deployed
  • 46  Wireless Access Points deployed
Lab Upgrades

Lab Upgrades

  • St George
    • 34 machine computer lab
    • 9 Smart Classrooms (projector/screen/multimedia podium) in which each podium has a machine
    • 7 Lounge computers
    • 2 printers (1 for lab and 1 for lounge)
    • 40 laptops for teaching and student loan
  • 2M
    • 41 machine computer lab
    • 9 Smart Classrooms (projector/screen/multimedia podium) in which each podium has a machine
    • 1 printer in lab

Helpdesk (Service Desk)

  • 11,669 faculty & staff tickets opened & resolved


  • 5,169 faculty & staff tickets opened & resolved
  • 17,071 student tickets opened & resolved
  • 3,240 student tickets opened & resolved at the IT Doctor


  • 16,411,881 emails were blocked.
  • 9,964 viruses were blocked
  • 1,166,422 emails were quarantined
  • 10,953,348 emails were allowed


  • 1,144 CUNYfirst staff & student problems CRM tickets closed


  • 220 new computers for staff & faculty
  • 146  upgrades performed