Our Mission.

The mission of the Office, consistent with that of the College, is to advance the use of technology in all aspects of the College's operations, so as to strengthen support services, teaching, and research.

Technology Highlights.


OTS continues to deploy access points for increased coverage throughout campus. This year 250 access point were deployed throughout classrooms and administrative areas.


Throughout the year networking upgraded 154 switches providing for a scalable and flexible architecture to support 10G connectivity. Plans are underway to replace existing fiber as well as implement a redundant infrastructure to automatically fail over to secondary circuits providing access to the Internet.


Plans continue to make Unified Communications a reality and to replace obsolete phones. The main PBX has been replaced and a new voice messaging system has been installed. This project will continue over the next year as we begin the replacement of phones leveraging VoIP technology.

Automation of Software Updates
and Installations

A new asset management system was deployed, which will now automate the process of keeping an accurate inventory as well as some of the imaging processes associated with software distribution.

Applications and Web Development

Online Dash Board provides files and reports with student information such as GPA, EQA credits and contact information based upon various selection parameters such as academic plans, service indicators, student groups or courses.

Video Repository

A successful pilot with faculty, staff, and students was conducted over the Spring Semester allowing video streaming, storage, and access. This pilot will be expanded for the fall semester.

2015 Priorities.

Rapid and increasing changes in the evolution and landscape of technology shortens the window for accurate long range forecasting and planning. OTS recognizes these challenges and is committed to providing technology services and solutions relevant and aligned with the priorities of the College of Staten Island. Below is a high-level overview of OIT priorities for 2015-2016.

Wireless and Infrastructure

Wireless: Replacing life cycled controllers and deploying additional access points for improved coverage. Complete software configuration to allow for multiple devices to access network as well as guest access.

LAN/WAN: Work has begun with reviewing fiber to determine replacement and termination in order to expand and increase redundancy for 10G Connectivity on campus. In addition we are looking at options for an automatic failover to another light tower circuit.


The CSI website will be redesigned over the upcoming year. The new environment will be using a content management system allowing faculty and staff to maintain their own content. The transition to the new website will involve housekeeping, server installation, back end programming, and documentation and training.

Phone Upgrade

Continue the replacement of life cycled system requirements; Integrate with exchange in order to implement a unified messaging environment; Complete a phone replacement strategy that will move toward a VoIP environment.

By the Numbers.

Application Development

  • 38  new online systems & websites
  • 40  new faculty profiles
  • 400  new SQL queries/data sets/reports developed


  • 250  access points deployed
  • 154  switches replaced
  • 99.99%  average yearly up time of network

Lab Upgrades

  • 50 Projector Upgrades/Replacements
  • 15  Podium Upgrades


  • 6,699  calls received & resolved
  • 3,757  faculty & staff tickets opened & resolved
  • 11,476  student tickets opened & resolved


  • 3,400,488  inbound emails blocked as spam or malicious emails


  • 99.99%  phone system availability 365 days a year
  • Thousands of incoming and outgoing phone calls daily


  • 1,403  CUNYfirst staff & student problems CRM tickets closed


  • 202  new computers for staff & faculty
  • 257  upgrades performed