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College of Staten Island Federal Work Study Timesheet
Instructions For Completing TimeSheet
  1. Assigned Work-Study Supervisors are responsible for the accuracy of the timesheet and for making sure students do not earn more than their FWS awards. Students can only be paid for hours actually worked. Federal and State Law prohibit any deviation from this regulation. An unpaid work break is mandatory if the student works more than six consecutive hours; one-half hour is the minimum break allowed.
  2. All entries on this electronic timesheet must be made by the supervisor. In completing and submitting this timesheet, the supervisor certifies that she or he is the one who has used the present FLAS account to access and complete the electronic timesheet in accordance with CSI policy on network usage.
  3. A student may work up to 20 hours a week or 25 hours a week for FWSXSITE during the academic year. During certain periods such as summer vacation, students may work full-time with permission of the college Financial Aid Office and the supervisor.
  4. Supervisors must complete and submit a separate electronic timesheet for each two-week period in the FWS Payroll Schedule, regardless of the number of days worked during the period.
  5. Total hours for the day reported on the timesheet must not include any break time. Students are not paid for sick time or for vacation.
  6. Students cannot be scheduled to work at any time they are expected to be in class.
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